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Girl Drinking Water

Welcome to my site.

I am Wayne Lamers.

I am The Water Genie.


I began my career in the Water Treatment industry in November of 1989.

I have nearly 30 years of experience in the field.

I started as a service and install technician, eventually managing a full technical service department . 

You could say my hands are well pruned!

During my 30 years, I have seen and been involved in significant changes and improvements as the water treatment industry has evolved and progressed

My experience covers the full spectrum from the home owner to commercial customers such as:

  1.  Communitech 

  2.  Miller's Home Hardware 

  3.  Toyota

Allow me to apply my vast experience and knowledge to transform your    quality of water and make all  your water problems vanish.  


There will be no additional charge for early  evening calls.

I will do my best to accommodate by  providing scheduling flexibility.

You will receive the full cost up front with...




Whether you are looking to repair, replace, or improve your water treatment, call or text me at 437-226-1002

I can make  all your water wishes come true!

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