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Most water supplies contain dissolved minerals (hardness) such as calcium and magnesium.

Without a WATER SOFTENER, these cause many problems for homeowners, like you.

Such as:

Clogging and damaging pipes which restricting water flow.

Building up in water heaters and dishwashers, causing damage drastically reducing efficiency. 

Unclean and spotted dishes, increasing your utility costs.

Preventing soaps from working properly in your laundry resulting in damaged clothing that must be replaced sooner.

Unpleasant showers and baths, resulting in an unclean feeling afterwards can result in dry, itchy skin and unmanageable hair.


How do you benefit soft water?

Softened water looks better and feels better.

Your clothes are cleaner and brighter.

Your dishes are cleaner and virtually spot free.

Your water heater and dishwasher wont scale up and it will last longer.

You have spa like bath water, hair and skin are left feeling silky and soft.

Your plumbing is protected from clogging. Your home and life are happier and healthier.

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