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Water Distiller

If you have a range of contaminants' in your drinking water such as bacteria, heavy metal or high sodium.

Or you are on a well with low pressure and high TDS, then a WATER DISTILLER is the solution.

A WATER DISTILLER uses heat to evaporate the water leaving behind most of the IMPURIIES and kills biological contaminants such as E-Coli.

It creates a very high purity of drinking water.

It makes exceptional tea or coffee and drinking water.


Reverse Osmosis

Water can contain many types of impurities such a heavy metals like lead, chemicals like chlorine and sediment like dirt and rust. These impurities are extremely small, microscopic or even total dissolved in with the water molecules.

REVERSE OSMOSIS (RO) is one of he most effective methods for removing these impurities and providing you with an extremely high quality drinking water, on tap and convenient right in your home. No bottles to buy and dispose so a very environmentally friendly choice as well. With good maintenance, the system will last for years.  For the homeowner it is also the most cost effective and practical system to accomplish this.

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